I was born in Siberia and grew up surrounded by nature. There were always a lot of animals around, and since childhood, I watched their behavior, studied their habits, sketched and tried to understand each of them, wanted to understand why they were like that? Why are they different from each other? That's why animals are the main topic of my works, they are my inexhaustible source of inspiration. 


Animals represent freedom. I explore their plastique, their characters, and their emotions which are sometimes so similar to those of humans.

As an actor I get used to the animal I want to portray, trying to feel its character to put this emotion into the work. Then the work has a story to tell. I infuse the sculpture with character and emotion then it's like the sculpture gets a soul and comes to life.

I use clay to sculpt large sculptures and plasticine for smaller forms with intricate details. When the work is finished, I cast them in bronze and complete them with a painterly patina.



Artist from Siberia. Animalistics is a complicated genre, but surprisingly interesting. It provides a variety of images and thus teaches us to observe and to study.